Studio Set


Studio Set


Limited edition - Aggregate series

Handmade stoneware.

Approximate Sizes:
Tray - 9.5 x 1cm
Deep Dish - 9.5 x 4cm
Tumbler - 9.5 x 8cm
Beaker - 9.5 x 10cm
Vase S - 9.5 x 13cm
Vase S - 9.5 x 15cm
Vase M - 9.5 x 16cm

Please note that items in the Aggregate series will only be shipped after 25 June, studio pickup will be available during opening hours, from Saturday 29 June.

Suitable for use in dishwashers and microwave ovens. Care should be taken when stacking and washing ceramics. Avoid thermal shock from rapid heating and cooling. Due to the handmade nature of the product, variations in finishes and sizes can be expected. All sets are comprised of ceramic vessels, other items shown are for context only and will not be included with any purchase.

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